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Welded Flanged

Welded Flanged Pressure Relief Metallic Valves

This series of welded flanged pressure relief metallic valves incorporates 150# weld neck flanges on all metallic valves. (Top of PVC material) These flanged valves are also available in the High Temperature and High Pressure series with prices available on application.

Materials Of Construction

  • S/S - Stainless Steel 
  • ALL20 - Alloy 20
  • HASTC - Hastelloy C


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Top Valve Model TVPFW in S/S

Top Valve Pressure Relief Valve Model TVPFW in Stainless Steel

Top Valve Model TVPFW in ALL20

Top Valve Model TVPFW in Alloy 20

Top Valve Model TVPFW in HASTC

Top Valve Model TVPFW in Haselloy C