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Welcome to Primary Fluid Systems' e-commerce store. We offer a variety of metering pump accessories and are currently in the process of updating our online store. If you see something on our main website ( that is not listed here, please contact us for a quote.

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ACCUDRAW Glass Calibration Cylinders




Graduated Calibration Cylinders are ideal for the calibration of metering pumps, batch systems and for handling hazardous chemicals.




Calibration Cylinders




ACCUDRAW Polypropylene
Graduated Calibration Cylinders have been developed for the accurate calibration of pumps for metering.




Calibration Cylinders




Graduated Calibration Cylinders have been developed for the accurate calibration of pumps for metering.



Pulsation Dampeners


Accu-Pulse pulsation dampeners increase system efficiency and pump life, protect pipes, meters, valves and instrumentation from pulsation and vibration, ensure meter accuracy, longevity and repeatability. Accu-Pulse pulsation dampeners reduce pressure fluctuations and diaphragm wear, prevent foaming and splashing while decreasing maintenance costs.



Back Pressure/Pressure Relief Valves


Top Valve is a new line of Back Pressure/Pressure Relief diaphragm style valves, introduced by Primary Fluid Systems Inc.. New features include a completely adjustable pressure range of 0-150 PSIG and a built-in air release to reduce priming difficulties with metering pumps. Available in seven sizes, 1/4" through 2" NPT and eight (8) materials of wetted construction.

  PFS Injection  Quills




PFS Injection Quills have been developed to allow chemical injection into the center stream of the flow.

 Now available with

 female x male



PFS Corporation Stops



PFS Corporation Stops have been designed to inject chemical into the center stream of the flow and allow for ease of service.

Retractable Corporation Stops

now available.


Accu-Vent Degassing Valves



ACCU-VENT Automatic Degassing Valves are
designed to automatically vent gases and vapors and help reduce air locking in metering pumps.





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