APIF Series

Accu-Pulse Series IF (chargeable-adjustable)

  • 150 PSI rated (metal chargeable 300 PSI rated)
  • 4 cubic inch capacity
  • 1/2" NPT bottom connection (standard on plastic units) (BSP Optional, Flg'd Optional) 
  • 3/8" NPT bottom connection (standard on metallic units) (BSP Optional, Flg'd Optional) 


We have pre-selected Model, Series and Body Material to make ordering easier for you.

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Accu-Pulse Model APIF-PVC

Accu-Pulse Series IF in PVC

Accu-Pulse Model APIF-CPVC

Accu-Pulse Series IF in CPVC

Accu-Pulse Model APIF-PVDF

Accu-Pulse IF in PVDF

Accu-Pulse Model APIF-PP

Accu-Pulse Series IF in PP

Accu-Pulse Model APIF-S/S

Accu-Pulse Series IF in Stainless Steel

Accu-Pulse Model APIF-ALL20

Accu-Pulse Series IF in Alloy 20

Accu-Pulse Model APIF-HASTC

Accu-Pulse Series IF in Hastelloy C